Go From Passion To Profit

Hi, I'm Cee, your very own business strategist! I work with clients to establish their business Vision and set goals and targets to help reach that vision! Once we have goals established, I work backward to prepare strategic plans to ensure that each target is met. I look at the competitive analysis, develop key performance indicators, identify opportunities and potential hurdles to success.

You are ready to start your business but don't know where to start...

it's time to go From passion to profit!

You are scrolling through social media, seeing people you grew up with owning successful businesses. You may think it is too late to start a business, but let me tell you, it isn’t.

I’m your secret weapon to go to six, seven figures & beyond!

I have spent the past 30 years helping entrepreneurs like you build their businesses from the ground up. When obstacles come up, we rework their plans to meet their goals.

She is a livesaver!

I have always told my clients how much I learned from Cee and how important it is to set your business up for success.

Cee’s program was exactly what I needed to fill in the gaps and put my mind at ease. GraficaMaria would not exist without Cee reminding me to always get to work and love what I do every day.


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We are here for you anytime. Leverage over 30 years of proven tools and strategies for any business across any industry.

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